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The Advantage System™ is a systematic process developed by Advantage Masonry™ in Dallas, Texas used to blend both the color and texture of repaired mortar joint cracking with the existing masonry siding during tuck pointing.  Using this proprietary system as OKC's only authorized installer, renovated areas are virtually impossible to identify next to the original brickwork.  The mortar repairs are intended to last due to removal of the cracked mortar joints entirely and replacement with new mortar, rather than filling the existing cracks, which only masks the problem.  This technique includes specially blending the color/texture of new mortar to what is currently there - not stark white or gray mortar that makes it obvious cracks were repaired and decreasing the curb appeal of your home.  If you're interested in customized masonry repair, please call Precision Brickworks, LLC at (405) 652-1213.

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