The mortar joint plays a significant role in the structure and integrity of the wall.  It holds the bricks together, it bears the compressive weight of the wall just as the bricks, and it keeps water out of the wall.  It is also the weak link in the brick wall system, because if water is allowed to get past the mortar and into the wall, brick failure may occur such as cracking or popping (spalling).  The best way to avoid possible brick damage is to eliminate the moisture.  If the mortar around your home or chimney cap is cracked or the cap itself is defective, this allows water to seep into the brickwork.  It must be sealed appropriately to eliminate or reduce the moisture problem.  Other concerns include:

  • Insects, snakes and other animals can enter your home through openings in the exterior.
  • Property value is decreased when masonry siding is in disrepair.
  • More energy is used to heat or cool your home if gaps allow outside air to enter it.
  • Falling masonry materials could injure you, or someone else who may hold you liable.

A proper crack repair will provide for a blended, restored, water-resistant mortar joint which will extend the life of the brick on your home for many years to come.  It doesn't matter how small your brick repair is, Precision Brickworks, LLC is happy to help.  If you are filing an insurance claim, don't hesitate to call us either.  If you'd like, we will communicate directly with the insurance company so you don't have to and get the work completed in a timely manner by ensuring they have a proper bid with the paperwork they need.  Please call (405) 652-1213 or

e-mail us at to set up a free estimate.

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Repair completed with mortar blended to match the original.

Archived Reviews

Why should you have your cracked mortar or bricks replaced?

​​​​​The cracks and all sagging brick were removed for proper stabilization.

June 2017

  • I am very glad I called Precision Brickworks for repairs to an archway outside our home. The work was completed well and with care. The repair work that was done fully fixed the crack that had been present and matched the existing brickwork. Cody also was extremely helpful in answering my questions about the repair. Great company!

-Colin S., Google review

  • They were very efficient. I was given a quote within a days' notice. They were able to complete the work on my schedule. They performed the work quickly without skipping details. Their team walked me through the process and explained what they were doing each step of the way.

-Emma R., Google review

  • Precision Brickworks is great company!! I called
    Cody about a concern we had at our house and he came within a few hours. He took his time with me and looked over our whole house. He was super honest and very thoughtful. He worked his schedule so he could come do our repairs the very next day. When Cody came out to our house to complete his project he went above and beyond what we talked about! If you are looking for quality work and an honest company well Precision Brickworks is your company!!!

-Carrie V., Google review

May 2017

  • I rate Precision Brickworks 5 Star. Work was done on time, as quoted, outstanding workmanship and attention to detail. Craftsman very easy to work with. I highly recommend.

-Alan G., BBB review

  • Great job Precision Brickworks! Very pleased with the results. Professional courteous service. I would definitely recommend your service to others. Thank you very much!

-Richard B., Google review

  • Very professional, punctual, and end product looks great. Called for an estimate and it was given the same day. The owner provided a diagnosis and a solution to the problem. The project was performed and completed the next week. The owner came out and personally got the project started the evening before. Communication was exceptional. Thank you!

-Heinz D., Google review

  • Cody of Precision Brickworks was very professional and reliable. I needed holes above my brick fireplace repaired and filled. He was able to assess the job, provide an estimate, and complete the job within 3 days!! He was awesome, and I appreciate his fine craftsmanship.

-Markia A., Google review

  • Cody and the guys at Precision Brickworks are incredible Masons! The have replaced the bricks on my house on two separate occasions, once around my front door entrance and another on my back patio. They are very detail oriented people! They took the time to get it right the first time.....and they cleaned up after themselves!! My wife and I have been very happy with all of their work. We highly recommend them!

-Alan S., BBB review

April 2017

  • We hired Cody of Precision Brickworks to replace some deteriorating brick and repair cracked mortar on our house.  We are extremely satisfied with the job Cody did.  He arrived when he said he would and the job was finished on time.  His attention to detail resulted in a job well done.  We will definitely call him again when we need any brick work and will not hesitate to recommend him to our friends.

-Catherine A., Yelp review​​

​Repair completed with mortar blended to match the original.

Recent Customer Comments About Our Brick Repair In Oklahoma City Areas

Prior repair by another contractor. Cracks simply filled in and will reoccur.
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The cracks and all sagging brick were removed for proper stabilization and repair.

Precision Brickworks

​​​​​Prior repair by another contractor.  Cracks simply filled in and will reoccur.

January 2018

  • Was very professional and helpful.

-Marilyn O., Google review

  • Precision Brickworks' quality of work and customer service is above and beyond their competition. If you need something built or fixed the correct way then look no further. Cody is the best in OKC! My family and I highly recommend Precision Brickworks.

-Rick N., Google review

December 2017

  • Very professional and outstanding quality, even repaired issues I did not realize at no extra charge. I highly recommend!!!

-Mike B., Google review

September 2017

  • ​For some time I've been concerned about deterioration of the mortar on my house. A little over a year ago, I called Precision Brickworks to get an estimate. Cody recommended the 'around home' repair work. After receiving the proposal, I had to put it on the back burner. I was finally in the position to have the work done. On a Friday I called to let Cody know that I was ready to proceed with the work. He came that afternoon and we inspected the house again. What amazed me is that he was able to do the preparation the next Monday! The mortar and brick repair was completed over the next two days. It required more mortar than anticipated, but the work was completed in a very timely fashion. As the website states, the color of the mortar is matched up so that you can't tell the new from old mortar. I couldn't be more pleased! Cody was very pleasant to work with. I give him 5 stars and will recommend his services whenever possible.

-Jerry P., BBB review

  • Cody and his crew did a great job in repairing the brickwork over my arched garage. Cody pointed out where the builder neglected to put any of the necessary support tabs to help support the bricks. He and the crew added all the support the brick needed and made it look as good as new! They also cleaned up everything when they were done. Awesome job!! Would definitely recommend them for any brick work.

-Rick L., Google review

August 2017

  • I hired Precision Brickworks to repair mortar and replace several bricks on my house. Cody estimated the job on Thursday and the work was completed on Saturday morning. I believe the cost was reasonable. From the estimate to the finish of the job, Cody answered all my questions. I am satisfied with their work and I am glad I chose this company to do it.

-Barbara D., BBB review

  • Cody is great to work with and quoted me a price that was ⅔ less than other companies in the area. He's straightforward and will communicate with you every step of the way. The work he did looked fantastic, and he made sure that I was happy with it. I will definitely use Brickworks in the future.

-Brent T., Google review

  • Thanks did a great job repairing loose grout in several areas of exterior brick and one spot of loose grout in interior tile. You gave me a quote immediately, did the work on time, as promised, and on budget. The re-grouted colors match very well. After a full day of work, you stayed almost 2 hours to clean up everything. We'll absolutely call you again when we need any brickwork repairs!

-Tim B., Google review